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Ask A Slave: The Web Series

For nearly ten years, I was a costumed interpreter at Old Sturbridge Village, milking cows, making cheese, dyeing wool, working in gardens, and generally getting messy, dirty, and smelly. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had at a job. Chatting with the visitors about our work was usually lots of fun, but, as you can imagine, we got our share of annoying and bizarre questions. (By the way, yes, it is hot in those clothes, and yes, we know there are lots of flies on the ceiling.) But it was small potatoes compared to the experiences of Azie Mira Dungey, an actress who portrayed a slave at George Washington’s Mount Vernon home.

Ms. Dungey has turned her experiences into a terrific web series, Askaslave.com. There are only three episodes so far, but they’re hilarious, informative, and, behind the comedy, really thought-provoking. Not to mention that Ms. Dungey’s character Lizzie Mae is the essence of wicked cool. It’s incredible what people say (well, no, actually, it’s quite credible, based on my own experience). You could not make this stuff up! So check out her site–you’ll be glad you did.

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