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Fun with words: Does POSH really stand for Port Outward, Starboard Home? Is “Mind your Ps and Qs” about pints or printing? Dave Wilton, author of Word Myths: Debunking Linguistic Urban Legends, gives you the lowdown and debunks the myths about the origins of familiar words and phrases.
History web sites:
Digital Commonwealth: Historic images from more than 100 Massachusetts cultural institutions, including libraries, museums, colleges, and historical societies. Includes photographs, memorabilia, historic documents, and more.
History Matters: A collection of American history materials for students and teachers, including primary documents and images, interviews, and links to other history sites.
The Library of Congress: Not just books! Music, photographs, documents, webcasts, and more on just about everything you’d ever want to know about American history.
Nineteen Teen: A fun blog by authors Regina Scott and Marissa Doyle about what life might be like if you were an elegant teenager in Victorian England.
Nineteenth-century America: Links to hundreds of web pages with information about American history, maintained by “Teacher Oz,” a teacher in Texas.
Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association: This tiny museum in Deerfield, Massachusetts hosts an amazing collection of interactive online exhibits on American history. Particularly rich in Native American materials and Colonial history.
Victoriana: A website of all things Victorian, including articles and fashion plates from Harper’s Bazaar
Archives and Special Collections:
While you’ll find a lot of historic images and documents on the Internet, historical societies, museums, and libraries usually can only put a small part of their collections online. Here are some terrific historical collections that you might want to visit in person:
American Antiquarian Society: Located in Worcester, MA, the AAS has extensive collections of American publications and manuscript materials through 1876. Online catalog available.

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